Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zip Pocket Pouch - easy gift!

I absolutely LOVE Michelle Patterns. I have purchased a few of her patterns. The most recent was the Zip Pocket Pouches, {available for purchase and download here}.

I wanted to make something simple for the library tech I work with at the school. Her birthday is the day after my youngest daughter's. 

The pattern was pretty easy to follow and the zip pocket pouch came out pretty decent. I made two small mistakes but now I know for next time. I got lazy and instead of hand sewing my opening closed I tried to just top stitch over it when I was top stitching and it left a weird little spot... and I did not pin my velcro so they moved ever so slightly when I was sewing them down :/

All in all it came out pretty good. Sharon liked it and is using it, so I guess she didn't notice the mistakes... ha. At first she actually thought I had bought it and so did the librarian but nope... handmade. 

It went together pretty quickly, only took a couple hours. I think I spent more time trying to pick fabric I thought Sharon might like.

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