Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pacifier Pouch & Bottle Leash

I have some fabric left over from the diaper bag I made, so I decided to make a few small things I've had on my "things to make for baby" list.

I started with this pacifier pouch from Sew4Home (pattern and tutorial can be found here).

Then I moved on to making a bottle leash. I had a found a tutorial but decided to make one using my own method. Mini tutorial below (no pics, just a quick explanation.)

What I did was take two 3" x 25" strips, sewed those right sides together, turned them right side out, ironed, folded the raw edges of one short end into the tube hiding raw edges.

Then I folded the front (red) fabric toward the back (along both long edges) about 1/4" and stitched in place.

Folded the other short end over twice to hide the raw edges and stitched that in place.

Then I made my own matching drawstring using a long strip of fabric about 1 1/8" wide (with wrong sides of each long end folded toward the center, then folded that in half and stitched, just like making binding). Decided how big I wanted my loop, trimmed the ends, stuck the raw ends into the open end of my leash and stitched in place.

Then I folded over the edges and stitched again (making it smaller on the drawstring end).

And then I added snaps to the other end (told you I loved the snaps).


Theresa Salazar said...

You are soooo creative! You rock.

Penny D said...

haha, thanks