Friday, June 6, 2014

M is for Matthew. A mini quilt.

This is the letter M from the Spell it with Moda series. (See my letter D mini quilt here). I made this for my son because I rarely make him anything. I do plan to make one for each of my two girls, plus the new baby girl coming.

He seemed really excited about it and likes the fabric so that's good. I was worried. I've only ever made him one other thing and I feel soooo bad about that!!! I make stuff for the girls all the time. Does anyone else have trouble making things for their little guys? 

The quilting on the M is a quilt design from Leah Day's Craftsy Class "Free Motion Fillers Vol. 1". (affiliate link). I  love Leah Day!!! I'm enrolled in all her classes...


Scojean said...

Hi Penny- I've had trouble finding "boy" things to make for my only grandson. I made a carryall for his Cars collection. It has a "road" and pockets to hold the cars. The whole thing folds up to take with you. I've seen crayon carryalls similar to it. For his first Easter I crocheted "Rainbow Bunny". He was only a couple weeks old but hey everyone needs a rabbit for Easter right? He's become a favorite for sleeping with. Here's a link if you're interested.

I also made a summer quilt with matching pillow case. Alas he's outgrown it so its time for a "big boy" quilt! I should include an "S" somewhere this time.

Anyone with other ideas for boy stuff let us know :D

Dawn LL said...

This turned out fabulous! I loved his expression in your picture, so glad he liked it.

Penny D said...

Maybe if I was into sewing when he was younger it might have been easier... crayon rolls sound good, but he's almost 11 now and not interested in that stuff. It is sooo hard!!!!

I made quilts for both my girls and already made one for the baby. Haven't made one for my son because I can't ever find fabric or a pattern that I really like.. I feel like most are too girly.

Penny D said...

Oh yeah... he was just all woot mom actually made something for me for once.. haha. I'm surprised he let me take the picture, he hates having his picture taken.