Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quilted Pillow Covers

I've wanted pillows in my living room ever since we bought our living room set but pillows are so ridiculously expensive. I finally bought some pillow forms so I could make my own pillows.

The small pillow is just scraps and stippled. It wasn't supposed to be that small!! I bought 16" pillow forms but when I was making the pillow cover I glanced over at the bag and somehow read "41cm x 41cm" as 14 inches... so I made the pillow cover 14" square... OOPS. I didn't want to trash it so I made my own pillow form with some scrap fabric and stuffing.

The bigger pillow cover I actually made the right size. It is just framed wonky crosses using leftover fabric from another project. I quilted the center with wandering clover and did large pebbles (pearls I guess) in the white border and then just wavy lines in the outer border. I am pretty happy with it I think.

Forgive my crappy cell phone photos!!!

I have another pillow form and might work on another pillow cover later this week. I realize my pillows don't match but nothing in my house really matches anyway and I love the colors against the huge chocolate couches! 

I'm finding sewing and quilting difficult lately, my big baby belly gets in the way and makes it awkward and usually after just a couple hours my back is killing me and I have to go lay down or sit and read. Only ten weeks to go before we welcome baby though.

I managed to read two books in May. I don't read much in the winter for some reason, most of my reading is done during the summer months. I finished "Doctor Sleep" by Stephen King and "NOS4A2" by his son. Both decent sized books and both pretty good. Love Stephen King, his son writes like him too, this is the first I've read by him, but I'll read his other books I think. Not too bad. This morning I started another book by an author I've never heard of. I keep track of the books I've read on GoodReads. Are you on there?? Add me!!!!

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Jessica Burns said...

I added you on goodreads. I've been reading a lot of medical / nursing related things, and some books about dying lately, which may seem a little weird. (I'm an ICU RN, so it makes sense to me!)