Sunday, November 2, 2014

Back in New Hampshire.

The movers came to our house on October 21 and we were back in New Hampshire by October 24.

The movers were very nice about my requests for the way I wanted my art quilts packed, which was a huge relief. I'm still a little worried about whether they will arrive in a good condition though. I have no idea when that will be though because we are still looking for a permanent place to live. Currently we are with my father-in-law in Conway. The only thing we do know right now is we are staying in Conway.

We stopped in Mass. on the way and spent the night at my cousin's house, where my baby brother insisted we take a "selfie" with his phone even though I had been in a car for two days and looked completely like crap. My daughter, on the other hand, totally rocks the "two days in a car" look... Haha
I love it here. It's so beautiful. Our second day here we went up to Cathedral Ledge with the kids. I remember watching fireworks from there seven or eight years ago when we lived up here before the Army moved us. 

I strapped Nomes (not her name, but that's what I like to call her haha) around me in the carrier and she was all smiles despite the cold. Well... She's not smiling in this particular photo, but she really was all smiles, I swear!! And I'm still carrying a large chunk of the baby weight... haha

The other kids loved it, of course.

Matthew actually went with Grampa before us, and came with us later when we went. 
Monday we had to go to Littleton for new birth certificates for the older two kids because they were adopted by my husband last year. We went thru Bethlehem and saw these amazing sculptures made from old auto parts. My pictures taken from the car do not do them justice at all.

Later I Googled it and they were actually made in Thailand and sell for $5,000. I guess the man who has them is opening a shop to sell items from artists around the world or something like that. 

On the way back we had to stop and get pictures of Mount Washington.

And the elephant rock at the entrance to Crawford Notch...
Being away for six years I forgot how beautiful and truly amazing it is up here. I didn't realize how much I missed it until we got back here.

Now we just need to find our own home and get our household goods delivered so I can decorate and get back to sewing!!

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Dawn LL said...

I am so excited for you and am watching and following along on facebook. There is nothing like going home. Your in my thoughts and continued prayers sweetie.