Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back at it.

My daughter bought me a bundle of fat eighths for Christmas and that bundle of fabric in shades of pretty purples has been calling to me.

I couldn't think of much I could sew without my sewing machine though. I finally settled on hexagons. Good old fashioned English Paper Piecing, that's how I'll sew! I have no idea what I'll make...

It took me a while to draw a hexagon, you wouldn't believe how difficult they are to draw accurately without the proper tools, using just a plain straight ruler. I got it though.

The greatest thing, I've discovered, is that I can baste my hexagons even while I'm nursing Nomers.

Something I had forgotten these last six months of no sewing is how back breaking ironing can be.

My only resolution this year is to sew more and read more. Sorry, I know that was random.

Hope everyone's first week of 2015 has been great!! And I hope you all have tons of sewing in your future!

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