Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What can you do with a shelf from a broken bookcase, some fabric, and nails?

Most of you know that we moved back home to New Hampshire in October. We had been staying with my father-in-law until we found a suitable place for our little family to live. Well we finally found a place but upon delivery of our household goods we realized two of our bookcases were broken.

What to do? I am a thrifty girl and I love to reuse things and find new uses for things. I saw this pin on Pinterest where a woman made a thread holder using wood and nails. Hers appeared to be purchased wood, painted nicely, built specifically for her thread. I decided to make one too!

I don't have the patience for waiting for paint to dry, so I wrapped my board in some fabric I had, securing it to the back with heavy duty tape. If you have one you can use a staple gun (obviously I don't have one), the tape is working just fine though.

Next I just hammered some nails into the front. I didn't measure, I simply eyeballed it, making this project even faster and easier. I hammered my nails in straight, then went back (after I ran out of nails) and gently gave each nail a tap in the direction of the top so they'd be ever so slightly angled.

Here is my finished product, my new thread holder:

Like I said, I ran out of nails. I'm now undecided as to whether I should buy more nails and continue to the bottom of the board, which would make this perfect on a tabletop... Or grab another board and nails and again just go halfway so I can leave them on the floor? Decisions, decisions.

For two of the other shelves I bought brackets so they hang on the wall. No sense throwing them away right? My wonderful husband hung them for me.