Monday, March 16, 2015

Finished: a quilt for baby

My little sister had her first baby a week and one day ago!!! Now I love quilting and giving people art quilts, but as far as regular quilts go I make them for our home and my kids. But I really wanted to make my new niece a baby quilt.

Her crib sheets and stuff are brown and purple and owls. In soft baby hues. I found some bright bold fabric and made her a brown, purple and owl quilt.

The pattern I used is called "Garden Fence". You can find several free tutorials on Google or Pinterest.

I pieced the back and added her nickname by paper-piecing without the paper. I basically looked at the photo diagram of a paper-piecing template I had and went from there. I was feeling too lazy to print the pattern and measure and cut pieces and ripping the paper off.

Here is the quilt label. I found a site that has tons of quotes for quilt labels and went with one of those.

The entire quilt, front and back, used only 11 fat quarters (2 of them were solid purple) and less than 1/8 of a yard (the blue).

I quilted it with large clamshell loops. Not my best work, I have trouble quilting in large scale, I don't know why... These photos were taken prior to washing and  drying. Of course after washing/drying it's nice and crinkly and most of my quilting mistakes are hidden.

I had enough fabric leftover to make a zippered boxy bag:

 Boxy bag is for sale in my shop.

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A Nudge said...

A darling baby quilt. And thanks for the link to those sayings for quilt labels. A very good resource. Blessings!