Monday, March 23, 2015

Sewing with kids.

My 7 year old has been asking me if she can sew for a while now. I decided we would go ahead and do it, I would teach her how to sew.

For the most part it wasn't that bad and she did really well (I'm so proud). 

She said she wanted to make a pillow. I told her to pick some fabrics and I have to say it was really hard to step back and just let her do her own thing. I kept asking if she was sure she wanted those fabrics together? Yes, she was sure.

I cut 16 squares, 4 of each. As much as I'm excited to teach her I'm nervous about the rotary cutter, so I cut them myself. 

I gave her the 16 squares and told her to lay them out how she wanted. Again, I had to step back and let her be creative herself without my influence. It's a little hard, but I let her do it.

Then I just showed her how to line up her edges and pin them and she got to sewing. 

She was a little upset I didn't let her use the Juki. I put her on the Brother, which is smaller, doesn't have the automatic thread clip when you hit the back of the pedal, has a smaller pedal for her foot. 

Anyway, she got over that quickly. 

Her seams are not perfect and I really had to keep my hands by my sides and not interrupt her sewing to fix her crooked seams. I had to remember the point was this was HER pillow, HER project, she was using a sewing machine, she was having fun, her mother wasn't nitpicking.

She kept telling me how much fun she was having. Every time she would finish two blocks she would open them and get excited because "it worked". 

It was just so much fun.

She wanted to quilt the pillow so I laid that out for her and she picked a decorative stitch and did a line of stitching where she wanted it, then decided she wanted to try a different decorative stitch and did another line. She ended up with three lines, three different decorative stitches. She did not want more than that.

She is so happy with her pillow and I am so proud of her for making it. Most of my work was just explaining things and showing her what to do a couple times, and cutting the squares but 98% of the pillow was done by her. 

Now she says next she wants to make a stuffed animal. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Oh I didn't get a picture but for her envelope back she chose a bright blue Little Mermaid print....

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Katie V said...

Oh I love it! Great job letting her work through her project on her own. The colors she picked are great! I've done with the same with my son and it took some will power to just let him do this own thing.