Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sewing/Craft Room Mostly Finished.

And now that it's pretty much done, I can start sewing. I'm pretty excited because I just enrolled in Elizabeth Dackson's paper piecing class on Craftsy. (affiliate link) I already know how to paper-piece but she does have a few tips I hadn't heard and the patterns that came with the class are beautiful (those patterns were my main reason for enrolling).

Anyway, thought I would share my sewing room. This will be the first time I can just close the door on my mess AND we will still be able to eat off the dining room table haha.

So this is... Design wall and ironing board on the left. My dress form in the corner and two folding tables for cutting, sewing, and quilting. They are easy to move around as I need to, which is great.

Then we have a bookcase with our photo boxes, also sewing books and other random stuff. My fabric scraps are sorted by color in the small plastic drawers and plastic bins on top. Yardage is in the three bottom drawers of the large plastic thing. Top drawers are Pellon stuff, buttons, lace, etc. Fat quarters are in the two bins on the right. Along with a bin for unfinished sewing projects.

Then this wall is my scrapbooking and stamping stuff. Everything on the wall above was made by the kids.

I kinda love it. It'll be nice to have my own space and its large enough that the kids can be in there too. I can even have Nomes in there in her walker or swing. Not crawling around though, too much for her to get into (yup, she is now mobile).

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