Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bad habits.

I tend to see a quilt or project I like and usually that means I have to make it right away, which means what I'm working on gets put aside. I feel like this is a really bad habit for me.

Now I have several quilt tops that are finished as tops but need batting and backing and quilting. I am really going to try to get those finished before I start anything new.

Then I also have a paper piecing mini quilt I am working on where I have two blocks completed and the last two blocks partially completed. That really needs to be finished as well.

Let's see I have:

Step Down Piecing Top from Sarah Fielke's Big Techniques from Small Scraps
omgosh that is an old one! 2012.... Definitely gotta finish that.

Plus Table Runner
also from 2012 I think... it is fully pieced but I don't have a photo of that

My daughter's memory quilt from her baby clothes.

Vortex Quilt from Elizabeth Dackson's Craftsy Class
I do have two blocks finished, two more to piece...

 Quilt from Dot to Dot Quilting with Angela Walters
This one will get finished first, before I move on to the others above.

Then I also have a 12" quilt block that was a test for something. Not sure what to do with that? Maybe quilt it into a hot pad or table mat? I don't need it for a quilt or anything. 

Just remembered I also have three dresden plates I had made with the intention of making a table runner. So I guess I better get that finished as well. I feel like there are more but I just can't remember. I suppose once I finish the ones above I'll open my box and see what's in there that needs finishing.

Does anybody else have this problem of not finishing projects? I cannot be the only one.

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