Friday, April 3, 2015

Pocket Pals/Dolls!! So so cute!!!!

I have spent the last two days working on this pattern for these little pocket dolls. Drawing, scanning, printing and testing. The pattern writing was difficult because the program I usually use stopped working for some reason, which was really frustrating, it just kept crashing and I would get to the end and my photos would all be gone. Very frustrating. I finally ended up using Google Docs, which I have never used before but it seemed to work pretty good.

I wasn't sure if the strap would be long enough so when Hannah got home from school I wanted to test it on her. 

She got really excited and asked if she could keep it (of course I let her keep it). Then she wore it for the rest of the night and her little pocket pal slept next to her on her night stand last night. 

These are pretty easy to make, I'm currently working on a few more, I can't seem to stop!

The hardest parts are the arms because they are so small (the finished doll is only 5" tall) and sewing the lining in the bag (because it's small).

I think when Hannah has birthday parties 'going to make these as gifts for those.

Anyway, the pattern for these is here.

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