Monday, April 27, 2015

WIP - Sewing Room Box

My oldest daughter and I built her a dollhouse one year for her birthday. You can sort of read about it here on my old blog (a blog that wasn't great and neither were my sewing skills and I'm kinda embarrassed about it... hahahah. I guess maybe I should import all those posts over to here. Maybe someday.)

Anyway, for years after that her dollhouse just sat. We did buy an extension room which just sat in the box. A couple days ago she decided to put the extension room together herself and now she is updating and changing the actual house. So we have spent some time on Pinterest looking at minis. I absolutely love the mini stuff.

So while she is busy working on and updating her house I decided I want to make one too. I know I am not the only adult that loves miniature. But I don't want to make a whole house, not when I have to help my daughter with hers. I decided to make just one room, because I saw that is also something people do.

And if I'm going to do a single room, well of course it's going to be a sewing room. So I just thought I would share the process with you all.

Since I am not entirely sure I am capable of doing this I am doing it as simply and as inexpensively as I can. So I built my room out of foam core board. The board I bought is 22" x 28" which is enough for a single room.

If you are wanting to do the same my sewing room is 8 1/2" wide by 10" wide (I am making it 1:12 scale which means in real life this room would be 8 1/2 feet by 10 feet). I made my ceiling 9" tall.

But the foam core is a 1/4" so I had to figure that into cutting the walls.

So my floor is 8 1/2" x 10". My rear wall is 10" x 9". The two side walls are 8 1/4" x 9" and the ceiling is 8 1/2" x 10". You can cut all of these from one piece of foam core board and still have a little leftover.

I went ahead and painted my side walls and back wall. 

Then on one side wall I cut a window. The window is 2" wide by 3" tall and it is 3" from the floor.

Next I took the flat sticks and cut a window frame. First cut pieces to fit the sides of the inside of the window. Then cut pieces that will fit the bottom and top of the window. Then you will want to cut two pieces as the outer frame for each side. Then a piece for the top and bottom, and of course another piece for the ledge. I went ahead and cut another piece so that my window would appear to have two window panes.

I will update as I work on the little room. I am really excited about it. I am super impressed with my window and when my husband got home from work I couldn't wait to show it to him. haha.

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