Thursday, May 14, 2015

A few quick finishes.

I am trying really hard to stick to my goal of finishing projects I have already started. And while I did venture from that goal and make some candle mats, for the most part I have stuck to my goal.

These candle mats were new projects (tsk tsk).

These dresdan plates I had orginally planned to use to make a table runner, but to get them finished I decided to just turn them into three candle mats. I made the plates back in March 2014. And now in May 2015 I can finally cross these off my list.

Here is a little project I started in July 2013. I had seen this pattern in a magazine and wanted to try it using scraps I had acquired. Well I pieced it and then it sat for almost two years, but I can now cross this off my list. I added hanging pockets so it can be hung too, but it can also be a table mat.

The last thing I managed to finish is a test block from my Cross Here Quilt Pattern. I just quilted it, threw on some hanging pockets and called it done. I think it's cute even though it's just one block and not a whole quilt. I had fun quilting it.

So I think I now have only three unfinished projects left. Once I finish those I can start something new again though I'm not entirely sure what.

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