Thursday, May 7, 2015

First Finish in May!

It seems like this quilt took days and days and days, but the reality is that it only took about 9 hours. I only get about an hour or two a day to quilt so that's why it felt like it took forever. I downloaded an app on my phone called Task Timer and timed the whole process, which I have never done before, and I was surprised to find this quilt took 9 hours, start to finish and 2 hours of that time was spent hand sewing on the binding and hanging sleeve.

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I had a lot of fun quilting this. At first I wasn't sure how to quilt it and I used this app on my iPad where I could upload a photo of the quilt and then doodle on it. So that is how I choose which designs to use, although I added stuff in the center block that I hadn't doodled and removed stuff from the lilac sections which I had doodled.

You can find the pattern for this quilt on Craftsy. It finishes at 43" square but after washing and drying mine measures 41" square. I added a hanging sleeve, so this can be a modern baby quilt, or a wall hanging, or even a table topper. There is no instruction for the hanging sleeve in the pattern though.


Lara B. said...

Neat Penny! I love the quilting you did too. How interesting about the task timer.

Colleen said...

Your quilting looks great! I'm always amazed at how much time really goes by when we work on a project. All those sessions really add up. I timed the making a gift for a friend once and couldn't believe how many hours I put into it and what I would have had to charge to recoup my time and materials if I were to sell it! Labors of love.

Alison said...

This is very cute!

Stitchin At Home said...

You did a great job on the quilting on this. Task timer never heard of that before.