Saturday, June 20, 2015

Community Market.

Today I participated in my first craft fair... which was really called a "community market". It was hosted by a church in a Maine town 30 minutes away. The fee was small ($10) so I decided it would be perfect for my first time.

We used every minute of the one hour set-up time. And there were things I wanted for my booth but didn't have time to make in the weeks prior to the market (for instance, curtains and a back wall panel). And there were things I did last minute that actually came out okay (the table covers were done two days ago). There were also things I did as an afterthought that I wasn't happy with (my sign, for instance).

I bought four gallons of water the yesterday to weigh down the tent. I wasn't sure if I would actually need any extra weight since my tent is pretty heavy on it's own, but I had read online that it was a good idea and last minute gallons of water was all I could come up with. Which, it turned out, was a good thing, the tent next to mine was not weighed down with anything and when a huge wind gust blew through their tent came up off the ground (they staked it down after that). But mine stayed put.

A fabric curtain would have been great here!!!!

I decided to raffle a handmade basket with some handmade stuff in it.

This is one of those closet things we had, which we had bought when we had a tiny closet, you're supposed to hang pants on the bottom and tops on the top. It's a closet rack. But I took some shower curtain rings, ones that are hooks that stay open, and used those to hang some bags and purses. It worked out great.

Clothesline tied to the tent and clothespins worked great too, for hanging quilts and reusable shopping bags.

And of course my mannequin or whatever they're called had to come along with us.

It is a good thing I don't have more stuff because my car was packed. I mean... really packed, and the poor kids were crammed in there with all that stuff. The kids did well though, not a single one of them misbehaved which surprised me since we were out there at 7am to setup and didn't pull out of there until 2:15pm. It was a very long day. I have a horrible sun burn on the left side of my body, but I made way more money than I thought I would, which was great.

One thing I enjoyed was people touching and looking and commenting on my stuff, especially my quilts. Because here on the blog people don't say much. It was nice to get all those compliments.

Four days from now is the local Farmer's Market, which is much shorter (4-7 as opposed to 8-2) plus it's right down the street, and right next to the park, so it should be a lot easier than this one and more fun for the kids. Plus it's during a time when my husband can help out. I am excited to see how we do at this one.

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