Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sewn: a lot of little things.

Since I finished the Zoe art quilt I have made:

These five notepad folders to start. They came about because I always keep a notepad in the diaper bag and the pages always get crushed and folded and it really irritates me. Now I can keep one in there and the pages will stay straight and neat. Pattern here.

I made some simple tooth fairy pillows out of scrap felt and fabric. I don't know why, I just wanted to make something quick and easy that I don't normally make.

I also finished another fabric basket. Tutorial here.

Oh! I almost forgot... I also made a bunch of coffee cup cozies and some cardstock cups to hold them. Cozy template here (no instructions) and printable cup template here.

I also made myself a vendor apron with a zipper for money and a few small pockets (pattern coming soon?).

Well... It seemed like all I've been doing is sewing non-stop but now that I've put it out there, it doesn't seem like much for 9 days of work... Hmm.

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