Saturday, June 27, 2015

Things I Want to Make

I am writing this list now to get it out of my head and for a reference to come back to later. There are so many things I want to make and my mind is always swirling.

First, I've already made my son a monogram wall hanging... so I have to make three more for my three daughters.

Second, my father asked for a quilt. I am thinking lap quilt with some kind of golf theme to it. Not sure where to even look for golf themed fabric but I will find some! ** edited to add: Just kidding. I have decided to go with a Megaman quilt since I searched online and could not find golf themed fabric that I like.

Third, my little brother asked for a quilt. Blue and black he said. Twin size or lap size is my plan, no pattern idea yet.

I bought fabric for the back of the Vortex Quilt, so I can finally finish that. Picture is of a single block, there are four in my quilt. Pattern is from Elizabeth Dackson's Craftsy Class.

These are the only things that are constantly on my mind. So these are the things I need to be working on after I finish my secret quilt.

** edited to add: First things first, I found a pattern for a backpack and have been dying to make one to see if I can do it, so I will be making my daughter a school backpack... one of a kind, of course!

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quiltersreview said...

I'm always struggling with the dozens of ideas going on at once too. I've started making a priority list and have stuck to it. It has made my thoughts more organized and I've gotten more done as a result.