Friday, June 26, 2015

Working on... a mini quilt.

That's about all I can tell you. And this is about all I can show you.

I have about a month to finish this. Or just under a month before it has to be mailed out. I've never had a deadline before and it's a little stressful. I need a total of 24 blocks but I've only managed to complete 11 blocks in the last week. I was busy with the markets and summer vacation just started for the kids, but now I really need to focus on this.

It only takes me about a half an hour to complete one block. I should definitely be able to finish it in time even with the sporadic sewing time. We will see.

I think you'll see the full and finished quilt in September. Make sure you stick around because I will also be giving away some fabric at that time!!

That's about all I have to say so I will leave you with this, the reason why I love living in Northern New Hampshire :)

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