Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June's Most Popular Posts, a little surprising.

The top ten posts for June were:

Sewn: a lot of little things: just a bunch of stuff I was working on for Craft Fairs.

What a Disaster: where I share with you how miserably I failed at the local Farmer's Market.

Three of my Zoe art quilt posts made the top ten this month, including, of course, the finished quilt post.

Getting Along: an art quilt I finished in 2013. My largest art quilt and the one that I am most proud of.

DIY, fast, east and inexpensive baby changing pad: a few people link to this super simple and fast tutorial

Jelly Roll Thread Catcher: this has always been popular on the blog, it is one of the all time most popular posts.

Jelly Roll Reversible Tote: another consistently popular tutorial.

And the number one most popular post for the month of June, which I found really surprising and can't quite figure out why it's the number one post: A Finished QAYG Bag

Also you may have noticed a name change on my sites. I decided to change directions and while my link is still the same because it's kind of a hassle to change it and switch all that over, I have gone ahead and changed my name from "Sew Simple Designs" to "GMHN Quilts". GMHN being my children's first initials in order of their birth.

I am almost finished with my secret project and then I can move on to my to-do list, which now includes a backpack for my daughter.

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