Thursday, July 9, 2015

School backpack complete.

I have wanted to make a backpack for a long time. I finally made one for my daughter! She picked the fabrics herself.

I used the pattern found here. I added two inches to the width and I think three inches to the height (if I remember correctly). I also added a front pocket as requested and side pockets with elastic. And I made the straps a few inches longer and a bit wider. I also made the carrying loop longer.

It is not perfect by any means. I didn't use the piping and that messed up the measurements a little bit I think... I'm not sure. But my daughter loves it, and it works, it's lined, it fits. So it's good.

I can now cross one thing off my to-do list.

In other news, I did finally finish my secret project. It came out nice and I can't wait to show you!


That Crafty Cara said...

Awesome, both the construction and the fabric selection. :)

Anonymous said...

No doubt your daughter already knew there's nothing you can't do, but I'm impressed you made a backpack at all, let alone a great looking one. Not you, specifically, but that anyone could tackle such a project and make it look so good! Hmm, well, there is a compliment intended in there, hope it came through!