Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scrappy Crosses Quilt Top & 300th post!!!

First... I just noticed this is my 300th blog post!! That is crazy.

 Anyway... still trying to use up my scraps but for some reason I seem to be using up my solids more than my scraps. Oh well. I started these blocks yesterday and finished the top this morning. I could only make six blocks because I ran out of the off-white colored solid, so I guess this can be a wall hanging or table topper when it's finished since it definitely can't be a quilt now.

I know us quilters are not supposed to point out our mistakes... but with this top alone, SO.MANY.MISTAKES!!! Hopefully they will be a lot less noticeable once it's quilted. Not sure what I will use for the backing or how I will quilt it but I'm sure I will figure something out later today. I think I will most likely end up using techniques I learned in Angela Walter's class on Craftsy. I did use what I learned on this quilt and love how it turned out.

Oh yeah... I added a page to my blog just for photos of my finished quilts, in chronological order, including my very first "quilt" from 2001.  I really haven't made many quilts but lately I seem to be sewing random things less and just focusing on quilts. Funny how that happens.

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