Sunday, July 26, 2015

Working on... something finally.

I haven't sewn anything in a while really. Except two quilt blocks. I bought EQ7 and it is just so addictive I spend all my free time on that instead of sewing.

My sewing room was really messy, it happens all the time, so the other day I spent my free time in there cleaning. Then I organized all my fabric again, sorted my scraps again, moved my tables a little.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to try to use some of my scraps. I use small plastic containers to hold them and most are starting to get full. (see my craft room here, although the tables are constantly being moved around).

I went in there for a couple hours and just took one scrap box at a time and ended up with five maple leaf blocks. I didn't even get bored making the same block repeatedly like I usually do, I guess because they were different colors?

As is the norm for me, these were supposed to be 6 1/2" unfinished blocks but they are more like 6 1/8" unfinished blocks. Well at least they are all the same size. I still haven't figured out why this happens to me. My math is right!!! I mean I hate math, but this is simple math and I know my math is right. My squares are cut at 2 1/2"... frustrating for sure.

Recently I read something about thicker threads can cause you to lose some fabric in the end, and the more seams you have across a row the smaller your block will end up being. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, today is Sunday and nobody has to go to work, we can't really go anywhere because it's raining, so hopefully I will get extra time to sew today, as I really want to finish whatever this is going to be. Right now I am thinking it's going to be an autumn table runner... which now that I think of it, if I add hanging pockets to the corners it can double as a wall hanging. I think that's what I'm going to do.

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