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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

an app for quilting?

Given that it has been six days since I finished the top and started quilting it, I wish I had something to show today, but there were a few days here and there where I didn't get to quilt at all, plus a day or two where all I had was maybe ten minutes worth of quilting. So the Quilt is still not finished...

But I thought I would share something else.

For quilts where I can't decide how to quilt them and I just sit and stare with absolutely no real ideas, I take a picture of my quilt with my iPad and then open the picture in an app called "Drawing Desk". When you're in the app there are a few "desks" to choose from, if you choose "Doodle Desk" you can open your photo in there and "quilt" on it.

It's not a bad app, really. Although it's not meant for "quilting", as you can see it does get the job done.

I used this app for my Whirl Around Quilt too. What apps do you use for quilting that aren't meant for quilting?