Friday, February 26, 2016

Have you heard of the Bullet Journal?

I hadn't until I saw one on Pinterest the other day. So of course I Googled it because that is what I do, I need to know things. Oh my gosh, so many people use a Bullet Journal, and so many of them look amazing. It's kinda crafty if you want it to be, so of course I immediately went on Amazon and ordered a couple, along with some colored pens.

It's basically all of your post-it notes, your schedule, your hopes, dreams, lists, goals, time management, etc all in one book. How amazing is that? The best part is there are no rules, you can add whatever you want to it, and it's better than a planner because months and days aren't pre-printed, so if you've got nothing you want a track for a month you don't feel guilty with the blank calendar staring back at you.

Google it. I dare you.

Here is the original website of the guy that started it. And here is his other website which explains how it came to be (found this on a Google search).

The great part is you can get started right away. You can use anything for your Bullet Journal. I ordered a couple books online but you could use a composition notebook, a spiral bound notebook, basically whatever floats your boat, whatever makes you happy, whatever makes sense for you.

I can't wait to get started. I'm hoping the time management part... which I will be including in my Bullet Journal, will somehow get me to find time to quilt!!

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