Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Started my Bullet Journal!

Yesterday the notebook I ordered finally arrived from Amazon. I bought three Sigel Conceptum hardcover notebooks(affiliate link). They are smaller than the ones I see other people using for their Bullet Journals, but one of the best things about them is that you use what you like and what works for you. So this is what I went with.

While anxiously awaiting my order I put what I thought I would like as some pages drawn on sticky notes and then when the book finally arrived I placed the sticky notes inside the book as a planning method.

Here is my Key/Legend. Nothing fancy at all.

My Calendar Index (Calendex). I am not entirely sure I am using this correctly, but like I said the point is to customize the entire thing to you and your own needs and preferences. So for me, instead of adding my monthly spreads to the Index, I add the page numbers of the monthly spread to the bottom of the Calendex. And in the top section of the Calendex I add what page my daily notes are on (for instance my notes for March 1 are on page12). I really don't know if this is the correct way to use this... Here is the original explanation of what the Calendex is.

My Future Planning page, which is pretty self-explanatory I think.

And this of course is my monthly spread, which I might change next month because I'm not entirely sure I like it this way. That's the beauty of the Bullet Journal.

I found some pages on Pinterest where it's a calendar type set up, one box for each day of the month and this lady draws so she doodles in one box each day of the month. I was thinking I would do the same except I would doodle some free-motion quilting designs. The pin below is what she has, I can't wait to try it with FMQ designs! At least then even if I don't have time to actually sew I'm at least doing something quilty.